16 November 2011

London Shh participates in Audience Research Network project

Earlier this year, London Shh was successful in its bid to take part in a project supported by Audiences London and Renaissance. The Audience Research Network scheme has been devised to encourage a new or existing networks London museums, such as London Shh, to work together with assistance from Audiences London to understand, share and compare their audience information.  


Our goal since inception has been to share audience research in order to assist each other with the development of individual audiences.  With very different staffing and volunteer structures, and resources, we all have different capacities for gathering and analysing visitor information.  It has been our hope to find a way of running audience research that benefit London Shh whilst providing useful information for each individual member house to increase capacity, apply for funding and extend reach.

Audience surveys are being conducted at Burgh House & Hampstead Museum, Dr Johnson’s House, Emery Walker House, Freud Museum London, Handel House Museum, and Kelmscott House. The survey information is captured using SNAP software, which will be used to create final reports.

We aim to achieve the following objectives by completion of the project:

- Build an accurate audience/visitor profile

- Analyse visitor patterns over different seasons

- Cross reference findings between the different houses

- Identify gaps in audience and develop strategies for London Shh and individual houses

- Evaluate services provided at each house

- Share findings with the houses unable to take part in the project

- Use the end of project findings/report as evidence of value for money of London Shh membership for both existing and future members